Licence Number – AB5

At The Dogs Pad we have accommodation for 64 dogs all with individual outdoor runs which they have access to at all times during the day. The kennels are heated during the winter months, beds and blankets are provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own. All dogs must be vaccinated and have an up to date vaccination certificate, which must be presented on arrival, Kennel cough is also recommended but optional. We can also provide accommodation for two dogs together from the same family or for bigger dogs who require more space. If requested we also offer a grooming service for an extra fee for dogs to be bathed and groomed before leaving. During our busy times we require a £20 deposit to secure each kennel. PLEASE NOTE ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE IF A CANCELLATION IS MADE.


We have experience with drug & firearm detection dogs and protection dogs! If you are thinking about going away for an extended period, put your mind at ease by making sure your pet is safe, happy and well pampered. Whether you are taking a short vacation abroad, moving house, getting essential building work done or staying in hospital, you can rely on our fun, friendly and hospitable team of staff to take care of your cherished pet to the highest standard.

All of our employees are keen dog lovers who strive to ensure that any dogs remain comfortable and healthy for the duration of their stay. As part of our relaxed and animal friendly kennels, we ensure that the diet of each guest doesn’t suffer whilst they stay with us. Often, this means catering for a specific diet or course of medication – rest assured that this is no problem, and we are more than happy to accommodate individual requirements.

Inspection welcome between opening hours, no appointment needed!

Our opening times are

9am-3pm Monday-Friday

9am-12 noon on weekends & bank holidays


The Dog’s Pad  is open to the public every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day, although animals can be boarded throughout this period. Whenever you need us, our kennels are available as a home away from home for your pet, taking away the pressure of leaving them with a relative or friend and giving you the reassurance of knowing that your dog is being cared for of the highest standard.

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